Somaliland             08/2001  to  07/2002

Location:            Hargeisa, Somaliland
Company:          German Federal Agency for Technical Relief, Bonn / EU, Brussels
Position:             Project Manager, Berbera Corridor Project


North West Somalia (the self-declared "independent Republic of Somaliland") has been severely affected by the civil war between 1987 and 1991. Most of the existing infrastructure had been damaged, among others the road network. A key road for the economy of the whole region is the "Berbera Corridor", the main tarmac road in the country leading from the sea port of Berbera to the Ethiopian Border at Toq Wajaale. Its functionality is vital to the economy of the region.

The Berbera Corridor Project is assisting in rehabilitating the road to an extent that its surface is sealed and maintainable. In order to achieve sustainability, the Somaliland Road Authority (SRA) will receive technical and administrative training (capacity building). In addition, on-the-job-training is being extended to the staff as well as to private sector road contractors.


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