Short-term Assignments
Klaus D Loetzer

Sierra Leone

Date:                   07 - 09 / 1995

Company:          World Bank, Washington / ATLANTA Consult GmbH, Hamburg

Position:            Team Leader

Assignment:      “Study on Agro-processing” within IDA-financed “Agricultural Sector Support Project”.
                            Client: Department (Ministry) of Agriculture and Forestry, Sierra Leone

Tasks:              -       Assessment of the impact of past project interventions;

-   examining post-harvest losses with a view to propose measures to improve post-harvest practises to minimise  losses;

-   examining current engineering and commercial status of small-scale agro-processing units, assess demand at village level for simple agro-processing equipment and propose how best to promote agro-processing in a way which maximises private sector involvement not only in ownership and operation but also in the provision of maintenance services.

Date:                05 / 1994  &  04 / 1995

Company:         ATLANTA Consult GmbH, Hamburg

Position:           Team Leader

Location:          Sierra Leone

Description:     Conducting Project Assessments on:

-   Education Project (AfDB): Agricultural Re-insertion Programme for Early School Leavers /
Quality Improvement for Basic Education and Technical and Vocational Training

-   Elaborating Project Proposals on:
    ·   Strengthening of the Small-scale Industries Sector / Sectoral Promotion Programme
    ·   Strengthening/assistance to S/L Export Development and Investment Commission (SLEDIC)

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